Air transport is self-evident for us!

  • But it costs more and more time

    Long queues at the check-in and before the security checkpoint, a high volume of traffic on and over the airports. Flight delays are now the rule rather than exception. And what about your appointment? And what if you had to perform in a day sometimes more than one appointment?

    With a private jet to save time

    Because we fly, when you want it, the separate general aviation terminal use without delay. Our passengers arrive in time for the conference in Moscow, their business partners will meet at noon for lunch in London, Paris in the afternoon and evening are at home again.

    We are here for you

    And seven days a week, around the clock. Charterjet Our service covers many types of aircraft, from turboprops and light jets over medium jets and heavy jets to Directorate airplanes and helicopters. We will inform you!

    Our extra services

    Hotel reservations, concierge services, luxury ground transportation, local entertainment arrangements, pet services, luxury services and top-luxury services.



    Book an high class escort.

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  • Call a Limo

    With us you can also book an exclusive limousine.

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